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Music plays in the style of Electro Quick Overview: Russian radiostation "Synth Radio" gives you the opportunity to hear electronic music and composition in the style of electropop and synthpop sounds live Synth radio Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Synth Radio.
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"Synth Radio"[Sint radio] - online radio station, which is the first in runet dedicated synthpop. In addition to the direction of Sint radio online can pslushat best works of related areas, in particular, electro and other electronics.

Here every sound playlists, made up of the best songs of artists and bands that play in these areas. Most often on the Synth Radio can be heard online songs such legendary musicians as Depeche Mode, Diorama, Camouflage, And One, De / Vision, Covenant, VNV Nation, TOY and many others. Of course, this list does not describe all of the music broadcast radio station, but a general idea of ​​it, you can already make.
Broadcasting wave is around the clock, so that without your favorite music, you will not stay.

Also, in addition to the musical component, Synth Radio Live complement all sorts of information. We are talking about a set of authoring software, regular news bulletins about the world of music, interactive programs, contests and more. Most popular transmission: Locomotion (DJ Dr. Morozov), Signal 5:49 (Dj Count Death), Synthpop, "Model Kit", "Journey to Uranus", "Curiosities", Synth Radio Russians and others.

All this in the wake of Sint listen online, you can join us - the largest radio portal and his entire administration. Here you can enjoy thousands ether popular stations from around the world that we have compiled specifically for your convenience. Listen to your favorite online radio stations for free and without registration !

03.01.2023 Radio Synth music - RU
Слухати Synth радіо - українською
Слушать Synth Radio - на русском

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