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Music plays in the style of House Quick Overview: Internet radio Funky house [Funky House] broadcasted eponymous style of electronic music in a positive and quality sound, listen only worthy rhythms and without advertising. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Funky house radio.
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"Funky house" - online radio, which is included in the channel group American company Digital Imported. As it is often called Di FM Funky house, is put in the name of the channel group in the network.

Listen Funky house online you can on our website - the largest resource on the Internet, brought together in one convenient site hundreds of radio stations from around the world, which are very popular.

What can be heard on FH, you ask? Not hard to guess from the name of the station, what style is preferred in the musical ether. Yes, it is good old Funky house, which for some reason many local music fans have already moved to the end of its list of favorite destinations. A very good reason, our dear listeners. This style of electronic music is still alive and even thriving, however, the U.S. and Britain, where, in fact, was born a few decades ago. From where today, again for some reason, local music lovers take only slobbering obscure underground indie bands, missing the opportunity to listen to a more positive and quality music.
But all is not lost if you are reading these lines ! Charge of positive mood is already just a few clicks - live radio Funky House is near !

This station will make you happy, and its advantages for live music does not end there ! Live music is precisely here and you hear - only music, only positive rhythms without advertising and without the tedious, boring gear ! Listen Funky house online - this is just to enjoy high quality music and, of course, get a lot of pleasure and without registration !
Listen to this and many other stations on and live life to the rhythm of positive! Do not forget to add us to your bookmarks, so as not to get lost in the next time, because we will love you.

18.02.2022 Radio Funky house music
Слухати Фанкі Хаус - українською
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