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Music plays in the style of Trance Quick Overview: Trance radio broadcasts from New York City bright composition of music in the style of "trance." Radio will appeal to all fans of trance sounds because there is no music and advertising, so listen to your favorite music non-stop. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"Trance" (trans) - online radio, which is a once unknown Ari Shohat from the U.S. began his career as a music editor, or better to say, a hobby. Ari is now known for his brainchild Digitally Imported - multi-channel online radio, which many know as Di FM. At present, there are presented over a hundred musical directions, each of which is given its own channel. The first of these, as you can guess from the above, it was online radio "Trans" - you just listen to it.

Moreover, Ari Shohat went down in history as one of the pioneers of radio broadcasts on the internet is the station Trance Radio.

Worldwide fame and recognition of outstanding musical group channels Digitally Imported not come by accident. First, Ari began with the popular style in the late 90s and plus electronic music in 2000, and since then the trans however, has not lost its relevance, and in subsequent years, and of course including current.

Secondly, the founder of the multi-channel radio adheres very convenient for listeners policy without overloading their set of ad units and disparate gear that love is not all hams and you can hear many positive music because air becomes just a dream listener.

Trance radio listen online, as well as on other waves Di fm, you will only favorite music in a non-stop and nothing more. But advertising, which is no more than once per hour, and you can listen, paying tribute to the whole team that works for your good mood and totally free.

Listen Trance online you can use our resource - the largest radio portal on the post-Soviet space and without registration Bestradio.Fm listen to your favorite music.

 At our site you can find everything electronic music station Di FM, as well as hundreds of other popular world waves a variety of ways. Listen to radio from around the world with us and have only positive emotions !

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