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Music plays in the style of Lounge 1970-80 Quick Overview: Radio station "Ambient" broadcasts a variety of music ranging from the distant '70s, Ambient origination and development of style in the world, and completely new songs and entire sets the current world-renowned musicians. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Ambient online radio station, which is one of the many channels of electronic radio Digitally Imported, which is famous worldwide. Listen Ambient Online, of course, will primarily fans eponymous musical direction, since he is the foundation of the Internet ether waves. Psychedelic sound of lounge, relaxing music and a sense of perception brink of consciousness - Ambient music.

 Here you can enjoy music compositions music producers and DJs from different times and peoples. Air Station there are tracks as far 70s time of origination and development in the world of style, and brand new compositions and whole sets the current world-renowned musicians. Also local music editors "ambient" often promote young talents, who have not yet displaying his prowess on the world stage of ambient, downtempo and chill out and have a clear potential and advantage of many of his peers.

Many do not know, but even the genius of electronic music Kraftwerk visited in the field of ambient music. In particular, their work in 1975 under the name of Radio-Activity is precisely this direction. In addition to the German team in the ambient at different times conducted their experiments many other celebrities present. For example, the most popular in the 2000s, at the beginning of Moby last decade of the century, released his self-titled album style Ambient, which brought him a huge amount of good reviews.

 Outstanding representatives of ether Ambient radio can also be considered musicians Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, Steve Reich, Techno Animal, Steve Roach, Solar Quest, Coil, Enigma, The KLF, Automaton, Pete Namlook, William Basinski, The Orb.

 Ambient online radio you can listen to the best songs of the above musicians in the same style, as well as many other artists, whose number is steadily growing every day, as, however, the direction of ambient subgenres.

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