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Music plays in the style of House Techno rnb dance Quick Overview: FG DJ Radio station can always listen live qualifiers compositions such areas as music: House, Techno, Dance and R'n'B Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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FG DJ Radio (formerly Radio FG) is a French-language station that began broadcasting from Paris on 98.2 MHz in the FM-band back in 1981. On FG DJ Radio can only listen track directions House, Techno, Dance and R'n'B music.

Radio FG was founded in 1981 as the site for the Parisian gay scene and in support of gay community. Initials "FG" decode differently, but the meaning is, by and large, this does not change: "Fréquence Gaie" (gay - frequency) "Futur Generation" (the future generation) to "Filles et Garçons" (girls and boys).

Start the radio turned out to be not entirely successful. During the first four years of broadcasting station ran into financial problems and internal conflicts, but, despite this, managed to survive. After some time, a wave decided to change its format and re-defined itself as a special electronic music station.

In 2001 became a commercial Radio FG, and two years later - in September of 2003 - rebranded and became known as FG DJ Radio. Also at this time the station has expanded range of musical styles in its broadcast to include the popular R'n'B music.

"FG DJ" radio online

Today the station broadcasts in almost all major cities of France. FG DJ Radio Listen online can since 2004.
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