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Music plays in the style of dance disco House Quick Overview: Euro Dance radio broadcasts composition of electronic music is that you mentally return to the 90th High-Energy, ragga, hip-hop - Eurodance. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Euro Dance is a multi-channel online radio internet service Digitally Imported. Broadcasting this wave began almost at the origins of the launch of the resource itself - in the early 2000s.

 Listen online Euro Dance lovers will all directions eponymous eponymous direction of electronic music that originated in the late 80s of the last century at the junction then very popular European disco, house, techno and other popular at that time musical directions.

 Music on "Euro Dance" combines, besides the above styles, also hi-Energy, ragga, hip-hop and beyond. Listening to this wave, you can think back in the 90s - the era of mass popularity as meynstrimovogo Eurodance phenomenon. But despite the fact that the interest of most music producers to the direction of the end of the millennium noticeably waned, his fans still remain, and, respectively, and were the ones who create the music to this day.

It is those people who do not give to drop dust once popular musical movement and attracted a wave of Euro Dance. Here you can enjoy your favorite music with virtually no advertising, because here in the non-stop, you 'll listen to track by track. An exception will be very short point and ad units through which the station manages to stay afloat and pay the costs. But listen to advertising - it's the least we can do to Eurodance not gone into being.

Listen to the radio Euro Dance, you can at any time of day and day of the week on our website - the popular online radio resource, brought together in one place thousands of radio stations from around the world. Enjoy your favorite radio ether with us you will be absolutely free and without registration. Only the music and only a pleasant mood every day !

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