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Music plays in the style of House Lounge Electro Quick Overview: Melon radio is the best streaming translator of electronic music. Excellent format, different directions and styles. Great sound. Choose your favorite melody under the mood of 8 streams of the best electronic music. Beautiful electronic compositions for every taste. Listen to electronic music and feel yourself in the modern world as at home. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Melonradio Internet radio station broadcasts modern electronic music. Get your part of the pie in a good mood. We will cheer you up and fill you with energy, make you worry and relax, calm and sate the beautiful sound of electronics. Listen to electronic music in the mood on the air on the site Bestradio.FM. It is recommended for listening to people who have reached the age of 16.

Channels for translating music styles on Melon Radio:

  • House = melodies are dedicated to undoubted connoisseurs of electronics.
  • SoulFoul = vocals + instrumentals will do.
  • Eurotop = the most popular modern compositions, exclusively super-modern, hit tunes.
  • Deep = harmonious, calming and cooling, like a gurgling water.
  • Alternative = combining atmospheres Indie Pop, Rnb / Soul and a drop of funk.
  • Lounge = relaxing music for receptions of guests, creates a pleasant atmosphere for communication, listen to the lounge, a little bit of ambient and smooth-jazz.
  • Ambient = enclosing, flowing around space and time, surrounds and disarms, listen and you will not be drawn from the sound of the stream.
  • Brasserie = music for the beer bar, full of fun, ringing utensils and glasses. For an informal atmosphere of restaurants and bars.

Music for the mood — Melon Radio

Listen Melon radio online, the best electronic music. On one page all the broadcasts. Excellent quality of sounding electronic melodies. It is recommended to all fans of electronic music and fans of modern electronic melodies.

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