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Detskoe Radio - one of the few waves that focus exclusively on Detskoe audience. Children listen to online radio are the guys with allowances from six to twelve years.
Boys and girls, even without the help of their parents can enjoy favorite ether waves. To do this, they just need to visit the largest radio portal and click «play». Free Detskoe Radio first aired in 2007 and completely bare for a short period became widely popular.

Radio station is divided into blocks, respectively age group of listeners. So the morning broadcast is dedicated to preschoolers, issue daily broadcasts will gladly listen to kids older than seven years, and evening block — parents and children older than 10 years. In the later period of the day here sounds calm music that have to sleep.
This radio Detskoe songs in his live broadcast as the most interesting performances, productions. For school-age children, there are special broadcasts, during which they are introduced to the works of the school program and help to better understand the intricate plots or complex characters.

Not only children but also their parents will be interesting and fun again, like a child, listen to the reading of their favorite stories and fairy tales station announcers. Children on the radio in real time interactive contests are held, in which the pleasure of participating with the kids. This is not just entertainment radio station, I am listening to the children learn as many new useful information.
Children listen radio online free with us -, you can twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Remember that Detskoe radio is always with you, wherever you or skidded. May every day of every little listener will be full of positive emotions, favorite songs and characters.

31.05.2022 Detskoe Radio DETIFM — RU
Слухати Дитяче радіо - українською
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