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Quick Overview: Radio broadcasts specifically for children: stories, educational programs, radio plays, readings, radio productions and poems in Russian. "old children's radio" will introduce your child to the culture podrostayuschego theater and Russian literature. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Old children's radio.
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"Old children's radio" — a non-profit station, which broadcasts in Russian. It is fundamentally different from other waves focused on children's audience, its content.
New generation hardly familiar with the culture of theater and has little interest in literature. Pogruznuv in social networking and computer games, kids growing up on the culture of the Internet and staying away from real life.
Old children's radio will be a great alternative to television and computer games. A team of specialists brought together a unique golden audiofond, which presents auditions, readings, radio productions and much more. Such transfers and programs contribute not only to enrich vocabulary and language skills, but also determine the values ​​and morals raise from childhood.
The entire structure of the old children's radio broadcast is divided into two parts - art and memoristicheskaya.
Under the artistic part live out the archives of children's programs, plays, stories, old record productions radiokompozitsiya.

Memoristicheskaya portion includes a series of anthologies and memories of directors, actors and theaters. Also presented here memories of famous people about their childhood years, fragments of speech writers, some of the memories and stories about the war and postwar events.
Old children's radio ether, despite its retrospective of the past, is of great interest in modern young audience. Despite the fact that it bears more informative than the music, listening to his interesting and informative.



Listen old children's radio you can with your child on the radio portal bestradio.fm. Formation of Personality in mostly occurs even in childhood. The main task of the parents - to give the child the right direction. This will be a baby-listening to you this good helper and help in the development of your child.

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