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Quick Overview: Kids Hits radio station broadcasting from the Russian capital - the city of Moscow and broadcasts music and entertainment and educational content for children. Songs on the radio especially setting up children for children, simply put "Kids Heights" — a baby-listening. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Kids Hits radio.
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KIDS HITS - Moscow children's radio, focused on the audience, whose age does not exceed 12 years. Listen baby KIDS HITS radio can now all who have access to the World Wide Web, because the wave for several years as broadcasts on the Internet.
The first thing that attracts the station - is that here sound compositions performed by the children themselves and transmission. About a thousand of songs recorded by the children themselves ( with the help of parents, of course), make music content wave. Second, special attention should be the policy of this wave with respect to its listeners. This is an open source project, so each child can place in the wake of his song or even become one of the leading radio.
Besides the above mentioned advantages of the radio station for kids KIDS HITS attracts lots of entertainment programs and competitions. Kids love games and all sorts of fun, so the interactive part for them is not less interesting than the music. Your child will be so involved in the process of listening to the waves that even forgets about the plans for the implementation of small pranks.

This children's radio is one of the most popular in Russia. Here a team of professionals who develop a plan ether, focusing on the age of their young audience.
Children from the very first minutes of listening to love this wave. Boys and girls will immediately feel her cheerful mood and a positive attitude. Here, only laughter and heartfelt emotions.

Listen baby, you can free online radio with dreams - Children's voices and songs even adults were pricked and cause a smile on their faces. Give yourself and your kids a good mood. Turn your children and listen together KIDS HITS with us every day.

25.10.2017 Kids Hits radio Moscow - RU
Слухати Радіо Кідс Хітс - українською
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