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Quick Overview: Music for children shapes the culture. Play Baby FM online live. It helps the child, develops feelings (and not just hearing, understanding the rhythms of dance). It also develops speech and perfectly trains memory. We take into account the wishes and tastes, preferences of children. And we do everything to listen to the radio was interesting. Your child will easily recognize their favorite songs after the first notes, and can also sing a few songs. Every day we select new children's songs, Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Baby FM.
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Baby FM Radio

New songs are presented daily, which makes the repertoire diverse. Each piece undergoes proper processing and a clear, high-quality sound is presented to the listener. Listen to our radio, which will surely cheer you up!
Children's songs of our time

Let's start with what kids need music for? As I wrote in the introduction, this is one of the best ways to develop speech, a sense of balance, hearing, memory, and sensitivity. Rich lyrics that are easy to understand for a child make the vocabulary more diverse and fun. The melodiousness of the texts facilitates their memorization and is easier to pronounce.

The list of performers on the radio Baby FM:

  • AlexandrA
  • ARSI
  • Kain rivers
  • Open kids
  • Show voice
  • Alisa
  • Alina Gerasimova and Marat Yarullin
  • Alisa Kozhikina
  • Anastasia Petrik
  • Andrey Boyko
  • Anna Che
  • Vladlena gubareva
  • Daky
  • Daniel Yastremsky
  • Daria Kopeikina
  • Yegor Ermolaev
  • Zlata Bobrytskaya
  • Katya Maneshina
  • Christian Kostov
  • Maria Mirova
  • Maria Panyukova
  • Sokolenko Daniel
  • Sofia Kutsenko
  • Sofia Feskova
  • Helena Meraai
  • Khor Giant
  • Show group AlЯnss
  • Elvira Kirsanova
  • Julia Kondrashenko
  • Jaroslava Degtyareva

The only caveat is that a parent should choose a repertoire well, and he may not be the first best hit from YouTube's children's lists. Honestly, it is sometimes really difficult to find valuable children's songs, most of which are the flow of children's disco polo, which does not even encourage them to listen. And also dance with melodic and rhythmic songs, miraculously practicing proprioception or a sense of balance. This feeling allows us to control the position of our body and the location of its parts. Thanks to the exercises on the playground, for example, the stairs. As well as dancing, cycling and running, children constantly practice this skill.
Kids radio Baby FM
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Country Russia
Moscow city
Refrigerating lane, 3k1s8
Studio phone: +7 (499) 390-36-65
For partners: +7 (965) 339-35-39

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