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Quick Overview: Music and songs for children up to 7 years. Nice to listen, have fun, learn. Music and songs for children. Radio channel dedicated to the youngest music lovers, where you will find songs for children in different languages. Because music facilitates manners, develops feelings (not only hearing, but also incredibly important, and recently forgotten kinesthetic sense or proprioception - during the dance), and also develops speech and perfectly trains memory. Music for kids — radio for the Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Music for Kids RadioArt.
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Music for Kids RadioArt

 Little listeners will be able to sing along with the performers. During the day, cheerful music will make children play more fun, and in the evening charming baby lullabies and relaxing music will help to calm down and calm down.

Why do kids need music? After all, this is one of the best ways to develop speech, a sense of balance, hearing, memory and sensitivity. Rich lyrics that are easy to understand and sometimes follow and spin in your head, without an invitation, make the vocabulary more diverse and exciting. The melodiousness of the texts facilitates their memorization and is easier to perceive. The only caveat is that a parent should choose a repertoire well, and he may not be the first best hit from YouTube's children's lists. Honestly, it is sometimes very difficult to find valuable children's songs, most of which are the flow of children's discos that are not recommended to listen.

Secondly, the dance that children have in their blood, with melodic and rhythmic songs, miraculously practices proprioception or a sense of balance that is forever forgotten. This feeling allows us to control the position of our body and the location of its parts. Thanks to the exercises (also on the playground, for example) and dancing, cycling and running, children constantly practice this skill and this should be developed and encouraged. Everything is adapted to the age of the child, and it is better to start here with music and dancing, they are safe even for a one-year-old child.
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Children's music to listen to online. The radio sounds - "Music for Children".

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