K-Rock 97.5 FM Canada

Music plays in the style of Rock Rock-n-roll Metal Quick Overview: In the late 1980s, under the leadership of manager Gary Butler and music director Pat Murphy, the radio station with the call sign VOCMFM began its existence. With great success, they created a mixture of new and classic rock. In less than two years, the station moved from last place to the number one station in St. John’s with a predominantly male audience. Despite their satisfaction with the results, management decided to create a stronger audience that would include more female listeners. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
K-Rock 97.5 FM.
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The Canadian station broadcasts at 97.5 FM. He has a special group of true rock band enthusiasts and followers / listeners. Plays rock, rock and roll, hard rock and metal music.
K-Rock 97.5 FM Canada
Country: Canada
City: Saint Johns
391 Kenmount Rd. NL A1B 3P5
Tel: +1-709-738-76-25

04.06.2019 Radio K-Rock — CA
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