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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Radio station for the men and women who appreciate the sport results and knowledge of foreign languages (Eng. And fr.). Listen to the radio VRT Sporza online broadcasts of football matches and other sporting events as well as learn the latest results of the competition. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
VRT Sporza.
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Sporza - Belgian radio wave, which is owned by media corporations VRT. Listen VRT Sporza online will primarily male audience, because this broadcast station entirely devoted to coverage of sporting events.

  Radio broadcast for the first time beginning May 31, 2004. Despite the fact that this pretty young station, its popularity is growing steadily, because the sport - it's one of the factors that can combine large numbers of people. Sports - it's a drama, passion, intrigue, adrenaline and emotion. This is what makes up our life.
You will be able to VRT Sporza listen online broadcast football matches live from the scene to learn the results of basketball, handball and tennis matches. Do not remain without listening bicycles, cars and motorsport.
  Team broadcasters and newsmen on VRT Sporza monitor not only the productive flow matches and races, but also the events that occur in cup competitions and tournaments. From his field of vision in the wake of not releasing as athletics.
But listen to the King of ether and sport still has always been football. Wherever you are, listen, you can always learn how to play your favorite club, if you have access to the Internet and laying on the best radio portal bestradio.fm.
  Sports radio VRT Sporza listen online always convenient and easy. Your support is very important for your favorite athletes, so the radio portal bestradio.fm made sure that you had the opportunity to listen to the live VRT Sporza, showing sports matches, races and competitions. Stay with us and you will always be aware of what is happening.

03.09.2019 Radio 1 VRT Sporza FM — BE
Слухати Fm Sporza - українською
Слушать VRT Sporza - на русском

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