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Music plays in the style of pop Rock Quick Overview: The radio station VRT Radio 2 broadcasts live contemporary popular music and ethnic composition. Also in the wake of the radio you can listen to news programs and evening entertainment shows in French - Vrt Radio 2 Antwerpen. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
VRT Radio 2.
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VRT Radio 2 - is a Belgian radio that as VRT Radio 1, owned by Vlaamse Radio-en Televisieomroep (VRT). But between these two stations, there is an enormous difference. In contrast to the more formal informative VRT 1, listen VRT Radio 2 will absolutely everyone.
It is more populist, aimed at a wide audience of listeners and, at the moment, is one of the most popular waves in Flanders. Previously, radio stations broadcast in five regions, releasing seven news programs and the traditional morning, lunch and evening entertainment shows. Now, go to the live webcast, radio VRT Radio 2 can listen online anywhere in the world where you have access to the World Wide Web. Who is the slogan of this wave sounds appropriate and fully justified - "Always there for you."

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  Listen broadcasting VRT Radio 2 very interesting and entertaining, because here every hour aired a new program with a new master, with whom you will spend your free time from 5 am to midnight. Here sounds of pop music, ethnic composition, as well as contemporary music for adults. Adult contemporary music (adult music) - is a music format that was initially focused on persons 25-45 years, so it has a very good rotation on radio stations. It is based on a ballad with varying degrees of influence on their fate.
Varied musical repertoire attracts more listeners VRT Radio 2 online. Listen VRT Radio 2 is very simple and convenient, and most importantly for free, you can on our radio portal bestradio.fm.
  Listen and enjoy just a good foreign music selected just for you with lots of love with us informative and easy, popular portals.

14.11.2017 Radio 2 VRT — BE
Слухати VRT Радіо 2 - українською
Слушать VRT Radio 2 - на русском

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