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Music plays in the style of pop Electro Rock Quick Overview: Popular Belgian radio Pure FM broadcast live, then it sounds very modern music. Listen to the composition of pop, rock and electro on radio RTBF Pure FM. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Pure FM - one of the popular Belgian radio, under the leadership of the company RTBF. Officially it was created April 1, 2004. Young audience would be happy to listen RTBF Pure FM.
Since 2006, the air waves sounds the slogan «Good Music Makes Good People». Since then, the old slogan «On respire» never used. A distinctive feature of this radio is that it is very modern. It should not only listen to music trends, but also adheres to modern views on social and cultural aspects of life.

RTBF Pure FM live music

  Listen to Pure FM Online broadcast entertainment programs, which are energetic and young speakers. Among the most interesting radio transmissions are "5 Heures» (program about movies), «Bang Bang!» (Belgian program for gays and lesbians), «Drugstore» (entertainment show, which consists of interviews, speeches and news), "Control Room »(under the program, students are selected by a vote of the songs that will shape the playlist the next day).
Already even these programs becomes clear that this station is different democratic approach to life and music. On Air Pure FM listen online, you'll most recent compositions of such musical genres as pop, rock and electro.

RTBF Pure FM - this is one of the brightest radio waves in Belgium. Listen to the radio Pure FM Online with us - then rush towards life with open arms. Do it with us one of the largest radio resources in the CIS - portal bestradio.fm. "Good music makes people good." Listen only quality music tracks and it only gets better!

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