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Music plays in the style of classic Quick Overview: Musiq Radio 3 broadcasts live classical music composers of the best - sonatas, symphonies, operas. Listen to the string and wind instruments - sounds harpsichord, organ, piano, violin enchant your ears and create a good mood. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
RTBF Musiq 3.
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Musiq 3 - one of the Belgian public radio stations, operated by the corporation RTBF. In this wave of complex formation history: having arisen as a program on one of the radio, it has grown into a successful independent station. Lovers of classical music will listen to broadcast RTBF Musiq 3 twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.
This is a paradise for those who love to swim in the melodies of classical works - sensual, majestic and disturbing soul its bright chords.

  Listen to classical music live on Radio 3 Musiq.
On RTBF Musiq 3 listen online daily you will be able to live concerts. With little or no commercial breaks, here sounds known to many classics performed by contemporary musicians. Hear operas, symphonies and sonatas such eminent composers as Mozart, Bach, Gandel, Beethoven and Vivaldi sound close to the creations of our contemporaries. Although it is believed that the music of the past, yet it has gone through many centuries and a little transformed, still has not lost its popularity. Sounds harpsichord, organ, piano, violin, string and wind instruments cling most delicate strings of the soul, and you will also become part of the orchestra.

In addition to broadcasts of concerts in the wake of RTBF Musiq 3 listen online can be exciting program, which tells the history of classical music and famous celebrity, played a major role in its formation. Too often, meetings with musicians, orchestra conductors and composers. But most of the time the radio station occupies Her Majesty music.
Listen radio RTBF Musiq 3 live online - it means to be able to touch history, become noble and educated. Listen to world classics for free with us - bestradio.fm without registration.

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