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Music plays in the style of 1960-70 Rock Blues Quick Overview: The radio station RTBF VivaCite broadcasts live songs in the style of blues, rock ballad pop, retro music, hard rock and hip-hop. Listen to your favorite music on the radio online, as well as educational programs in which you will hear and learn new recipes, tips and stories. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
RTBF VivaCite.
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Description RTBF VivaCite

"RTBF VivaCite" - Belgian public radio station, which first aired on February 29, 2004. Previously, listen to the radio VivaCite could only in French-speaking regions of the country, but since she moved to the live webcast, it became possible, and far beyond the borders of Belgium.

What sounds on the radio station?
  In the broadcast RTBF VivaCite online sounds so-called "music for adults» («Adult Contemporary»). This concept appeared in the distant 60s. It covers music styles, characterized by melody, rhythm and harmony. Such compositions are often just sounds for background. Feature of this music is that it is not limited to any genre, and also covers the blues, rock ballad pop, retro music, but never you do not hear in this format, hard rock, hip-hop and pop tasteless composition. Only the best hits of melodic sound in the wake of RTBF VivaCite.


The station focuses on the audience from 18 to 54 years. Apart from the quality of music content, listen RTBF VivaCite will be those who are interested in politics, economy, sports and culture. During the day, speakers introduce students to the latest news in these areas.
RTBF VivaCite live online
It is noteworthy that among the huge number of entertainment and news programs broadcast VivaCite there was a place of culinary topics. On Saturdays from 8.30 am to 10.00 out special programs for those interested in cooking. Recipes, tips, stories - all this you will listen online.
Radio VivaCite full of life, therefore, listen to the radio RTBF VivaCite - to live to the full. In order to again enjoy your favorite tracks and dear to his heart Voiceover, you only need to go to a popular radio portal bestradio.fm and make your speakers louder. Listen to the radio VivaCite live free and without registration anywhere in the world!

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