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Music plays in the style of Blues news Quick Overview: RTBF radio station broadcasts live news for business people: press review, news from the stock exchanges relating to securities. Musical genre of classic blues sound fills listen on RTBF International in the evening. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
International RTBF.
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RTBF International - Belgian international wave, which is included in the list of stations owned by RTBF. You can listen RTBF International anywhere in the world, because of relatively recently, she joined the ranks of numerous radio stations that have switched to internet broadcasting.
It is very convenient for all students, and if we talk about the target audience of this particular wave - business people, then listen RTBF International online for them just need to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world.

What sounds on the radio station RTBF International?
  In the broadcast media are under review, to be discussed controversial issues relating to politics, economics and business, and also broadcast directly from the stands of stadiums and sports scores. The latest news from the stock exchanges on securities also need to be discussed within the framework of daily programs, which should be particularly interesting to people whose work is related to the financial sector.
Not ignored and world culture. Speakers are invited to their author's programs of writers, artists, musicians and other artists associated with art, conduct interviews with them and discuss the latest news.
In order to defuse the tense little business atmosphere in the evening from 21.00 to 23.00 on weekdays in a non-stop broadcast RTBF International listen online can be a classic blues.

  Forming station for the content, except for her team announcers also responsible several waves partners: La Premiere (news), VivaCite (sport), Classic 21 (music).
You can listen to the radio RTBF International online for free, without registration using the popular radio portal Always keep your finger on the pulse, so as not to miss the point.

27.10.2022 RTBF MIX Viva — BE
Слухати RTBF інтернаціональне - українською
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