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Music plays in the style of dance Rock Quick Overview: Radio stations from Belgium Bel RTL broadcasts classic rock and club tracks live, listen good quality sound bright music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Bel RTL.
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"Bel RTL" - Belgian private information and music radio, which is part of the holding H Radio. Listen Bel RTL could previously only in French-speaking regions of Belgium, but now switched to radio online broadcasting and its ester can now enjoy people from all corners of the world where there is Internet access.
Wave is focused on the audience of 20 to 50 years. It sounds quality music, as well as entertainment programs, which sometimes alternate editions of the latest news from the world of show business, culture, economy, politics and sports.
The main part of the radio station occupy author shows and news, but to dilute the continuous flow of information, leading put the best tracks. In the wake of Bel RTL online sound compositions of different music styles, ranging from classic rock, ending music for adults and club tracks. Pleylsty made in such a way that for an hour almost repeated the song of one musical style.
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  Listen to your favorite shows on Belgian radio Bel RTL.
Among the most popular shows: «Bel RTL Comedie», «Bel RTL Matin», «Bel RTL Soir», «C'est pas trop tot!», «Les 20 Meilleurs» and many others.
If during the week most of the ether fills information programs, the weekend vzdes sounds more entertaining and interactive programs. Also on Saturday at Bel RTL listen online, you can show dedicated to club music, and rock sounds on Sunday.

The slogan of the station - "Living Together", expresses her whole concept. Team announcers working on the wave, different charisma and good humor. They give people not only information, but also a good mood. Therefore, in the wake of a pleasant atmosphere, with Bel RTL wants to live each day. The best in the wake of the leading think like Patrick Weber, Barbara Mertens, Alexander De Pape, Sylvie Degrelle, Jean-Francois Johann and other colleagues in the air.
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