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Music plays in the style of disco pop Rock Quick Overview: The radio station is broadcast from Brussels - Studio fm live music sounds of disco, pop, alternative rock and even rap.
Studio Brussel FM.
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Studio Brussel - this is one of the most popular stations in the whole of Belgium. To listen Studio Brussel you unnecessarily cross the border of the country, because the wave for several years as the regime moved to the Internet broadcast.

  The radio station was founded in 1983. During its existence, the owners changed the form of information, leading, software, logos, but the only thing that remained the same - the audience of listeners. Originally wave focused on the youth audience and still follows its benchmark. It is felt in the programs, presenting information, and indeed, from the first minutes of listening.
Previously, the main direction of the music, which was put on the air of the radio, was a rock, but eventually added musical genres, and today on Studio Brussel listen online, you can disco, pop, alternative rock and even rap.
Studio Brussel live

  Together with you from 6 am to midnight, you will work leading group of professionals, each of which generates its own playlist. Studio Brussel listen online after midnight no less interesting, because for two hours in the air sound music performance by young bands. The program »Life is Music», which occupies the remainder of the ether, students are introduced to the tracks that are simply not to be missed - Today the whole world listens to them. It sounds the best music for the whole year, which is constantly updated with new tracks.

  Annually fm station generates a hundred of the best songs that occupy the leading position in the air charts of the country, as well as reputable British and American charts.
Listen radio Studio Brussel online with us free of charge, the most popular major radio portal - always fun and entertaining. Wonderful mood and you only good music live!

28.10.2022 - Radio Studio Brussel FM — BE
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