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Quick Overview: Belgian radio station VRT Ketnet broadcasts live its broadcast quality children's songs from the cartoons and good foreign music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
VRT Ketnet.
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VRT Ketnet - Belgian radio station, which initially focused on children's audience. Listen VRT Ketnet great pleasure to be like kids, and older children (approximately 10-12 years).

This pretty young wave, which first began broadcasting in November 2007. Despite the fact that she was only five years old, she is very popular. On VRT Ketnet online 24 hours a day continuously broadcast a three-hour show. Every day, workers create a new radio program, so every day you will listen and learn something new. Constant and leading speaker at ridostantsii works Christine Mays.

As for the musical direction, the sound here is enough "adult" tracks, despite the age of the target audience. Listen VRT Ketnet will be happy and the parents, because here the classic sounds of pop music performed by Michael Jackson, modern pop music performed by Rihanna and other popular musicians. One of the main goals of radio waves - not only to entertain his young audience, but also to teach them to listen only to the good quality of the composition in this musical genre.
  Children's Radio - children's songs and good foreign music!
Yes on Radio online VRT Ketnet broadcast and children's songs from their favorite cartoons and movies, as well as famous songs performed by children themselves.
Do not deprive your child opportunities to listen to good foreign music that has been specially selected for an audience of children. Kids feel the mood is very thin, so, despite the fact that they do not know the language in which they are being broadcast, they will learn from her positive energy.
Listen online VRT Ketnet place dreams - the best radio portal bestradio.fm - very simple and absolutely free. This can make even a child!

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