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Music plays in the style of 1980-90 1990 dance disco Quick Overview: Listen to the radio station of Antwerp light pop music and disco positively intriguing rhythmic dance songs are aired. Easy Listening foreign artists, as well as the tracks of Belgian artists listen to the radio wave Antwerpen FM.
Antwerpen FM.
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Description Antwerpen FM

Antwerpen FM - a popular Belgian radio, which broadcasts from the city of Antwerp. Fortunately, Antwerpen FM to listen to you do not need to get dusty receivers, there is a more modern tool - the online portal

Listen to the wave of Antwerpen FM sounds easy, pop and disco. Dance composition, under which you may in youth danced in discos and ogle the guy or get noticed for the first time invited to the dance you sympathetic to her. This light music of foreign artists, as well as the tracks of Belgian artists.
Tunes to the station pouring single continuous flow one after the other. Without a break for live entertainment and advertising you listen Antwerpen FM. Just dance music will be with you all day and night until the morning. Besides long-familiar songs you 80s and 90s, it also sounds contemporary songs of popular bands today.

DJs radio listeners listen Antwerpena are broadcasting a selection of the most popular songs, forming them in the top 100.
This free radio, which is not enclosed in any frame. Above it timeless and listening to him, you feel completely free. Not for nothing does not work here any speaker, it would only disturb the atmosphere and disturb the harmony that is created between Antwerpen FM and listener.

To listen to the radio Antwerpen FM online you need only visit a radio portal and click «play». We work for you to listen to only good, quality, and with all my heart to your favorite music for free! Have a nice day and enjoy listening.

18.02.2019 Antwerpen FM - Belgium, Antwerpen
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