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Music plays in the style of 1960-70 1970-80 1980-90 1990 Quick Overview: The radio Nostalgie from Brussels broadcasts live composition 60 and ending with 90-bit and 00-ies famous foreign artists, the best American and British charts. Nostalgie Belgique - Legend. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Nostalgie Belgique - a private radio station, which is in the group NRJ Group and was established in 1989 in Belgium. In Brussels could listen Nostalgie Belgique in 1987, but still the official date of the airing considered May 8, 1989.
The slogan of this wave is only one word broadcasting - «La légende» («Legend"), but it very accurately describes the music format radio. In the broadcast sound composition by popular artists, starting with 60 and ending with 90-mi. From this and the station name - «Nostalgie». This nostalgia for the old days and the music. But this does not mean that the audience of listeners online radio

  Belgian Nostalgie are those "who are over 40» - Nostalgie Belgique.
Lately on the air waves, you can listen to a composition of 00-ies, already quite familiar and young people, so it also becomes active listener Nostalgie.
It is noteworthy that the plant management focuses not only on the well-known foreign artists who are recognized at the time in the world and the composition of which occupied the first position of the American and British charts. Especially for the rising stars and the "veterans" of the Belgian scene was created a special program that aired called «Made in Belgium».

  Listen Nostalgie Belgium online can not only to mourn over the old days, you can learn a lot from a news blog, telling about the events in the show business, politics and the economy. Also on the air waves of sound continually morning entertainment shows and interactive programs.
Now listen to Nostalgie Belgique with us - the largest radio portal - free is very convenient and easy. Good mood and just happy bright future!

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