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Music plays in the style of Rock pop Quick Overview: Contact the radio station is broadcast live popular music and dance songs, country and pop rock. Belgian radio station "Radio Contact" broadcasts at a youth format and will appeal to all students of a given age. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Contact Radio - "Radio Contact" is a Belgian public radio, which is very popular among young people from all over the country. And now, when the tide turned on the regime of Internet broadcasting, radio broadcasting is available to anyone who has Internet access. Listen online Radio Contact, a simple and convenient tool - Portal

Radio contact by Belgian listen.
  The radio station broadcasting in the emphasis on the most popular genre of music - pop. In the playlist is also the place dance songs, country and pop-rock. Recent foreign news and familiar hits are aired Radio Contact. Apart from the quality of musical content entertains listeners of this station and the leading group of professional DJs.

"Radio Contact" Belgium listen online

In his daily show they are familiar with the latest showbiz news and culture, as well as an entertainment interactive programs. Over the weekend, the announcers introduce the songs that are included in the hit parade of the best songs of the week, which is formed by a vote of the audience.

If you are young and full of energy, you know a lot about life and be able to enjoy it, you'll love this wave. You will listen to radio online contact with a heartbeat in every free minute and even during work or leisure.
Enjoy quality sound beloved and popular music. «Feel Good» - so it sounds the slogan of this station. When listening to her there was a sense of peace and tranquility, coupled with positive and incredible energy.
Always in Touch Listen to the best music.
  Listen Radio Contact online is very simple, for this you should just visit our radio portal Dance with us to your favorite musical rhythms and singing his favorite motifs, free listening contacts.

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