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Music plays in the style of pop dance Quick Overview: Ultrason Belgian radio station broadcasts the most popular tracks in the style of pop and dance. In the broadcast sound mixes from the command-line radio Ultrason Radio listen and dance. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Ultrason dance radio.
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Ultrason Radio - a popular Belgian station targeted at a young audience that likes a good dance music. Listen Ultrason Radio anytime, day or night, you can now on our website - bestradio.fm, after several years, she switched to the Internet broadcast.
  Dance Radio Ultrason tries to acquaint the students with the most popular tracks in the style of pop and dance. Title wave - Ultrason, translated as "ultrasound". This name was chosen for a reason, because the music that plays on the air waves, penetrate, like ultrasound, in the hearts of listeners and makes them beat faster. You can not remain indifferent to any track. It collected only the best of the best, here there is dance music.
Single stream to listen for twenty-four hours a day without breaks for advertising and entertainment shows. Every day of the week from 21.00 until midnight leading themed programs for which the selected special playlist: Monday - «Pepe Mania et ses DJs», Tuesday - «Night Club», Wednesday - «Rock Station», Thursday - «Night Club», Friday - «Dance Top 30", Saturday - «Ultra RNB», Sunday - «Ultra Rap».

  Best listen to mixes for you to prepare the team online radio Ultrason Radio, which includes: DJ Juan, DJ Mix-VM, Dj Quarts, Dj Lub, as well as their beautiful girls Apoline colleagues, Angel and others.
Ultrason Radio gives a good mood that conveys his musical innovations. Everything is new and all the best you will surely hear the radio station on the air.
Listen Ultrason Radio online now very easy - go to your favorite radio portal bestradio.fm, and enjoy free dance music with us.

28.10.2022 RADIO ULTRASON — BE
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