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Music plays in the style of dance Quick Overview: Belgian radio station Victoria broadcasts live from Brussels fresh hits the top lines of the American, British charts and dance music, plus some hits. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Victoria - a popular radio, which was originally founded in the small town of Galle, not far from Brussels. For a long time it was available only to the locals. Now, listen to Radio Victoria online in real time and can we, as a wave now leads his broadcast on the Internet.
Speakers and leading entertainment, interactive games and contests that are broadcast, speak Dutch. If you know this language, then you are lucky, otherwise - Reach dictionary. However, if your fate with programs not developed, the main part of the ether fills the musical content. And the music is nothing no power, so it brings people from all over the world, in spite of their skin color or national language.
On Air Radio Victoria listen online, you'll be the latest hits that were on the first lines of the popular American and British charts, as well as dance music and some hits.
The ethereal radio broadcast schedule Victoria very rich and dense listen and understand everything. Morning Show «De Halse Morgen» Monday to Friday, for you will spend Didier Dekamon, then replace it in the program will be aired «Victoria Continu» with the same leading Patrick Nerinksom. Hence the approved list, the following are the program «De Halse Middag», «Tussendoor», «BaRon», De «Halse Avond», «Swingcafe». From 22.00 to 06.00 am the next day continuously sounds best music performed by popular musicians to hear nice. It is noteworthy that regardless of this weekday or weekend, schedule of radio programs is not changed.
Listen Radio Victoria online with us -, very convenient and easy. We provide this feature for free. Listen to your favorite music and let it just gives you a good mood.

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