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Music plays in the style of House Trance Quick Overview: Listen to the broadcast ZenFM positive and pleasant and brings relaxation and enjoying the sounds in the air chill lounge and trendy grooves. And for vzbadrivaniya body and great dancing time spent in broadcasting Zen FM in the evening sounds house, electro, progressive and trance. Listen and dance to the radio broadcast of Zen fm. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Zen FM.
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Zen FM - popular youth Belgian radio wave. Progressive modern audience will listen to Zen FM twenty-four hours a day, because she did not find a better radio station in the whole of Belgium.

What sounds on the radio station Zen FM?
It's easy to replace dance music compositions under which you probably spend time with friends in a trendy club.
The bulk of the musical content of radio chill lounge and trendy grooves. But in the air, you'll also hear dance music house, electro, progressive and trance. Zen FM radio is constantly evolving and making adjustments. For managers waves opinion is very important audience.

The team of energetic and professional staff every day preparing to release such programs: «Zen room», «Late night groove», «Easy note podcast with Silky Jak», «Smooth jazz & sound», «Pedro Mercado & David Gee ft. guest »,« Lounge at night with Mr. Cliff »,« Housepacific »and many others.
Listen to your music on the radio nice Zen FM flow seamlessly into each other, you do not even notice how you takes to the open ocean, where there are so spacious, free and easy.

Here sounds elite music created for relaxation and enjoyment. Broadcasting Zen FM - listen to music only and no one else or nothing. No distracting advertisements and entertainment shows. This station is different from the others in its restraint and elegance. Musical taste of its DJs will love the audiences from 18 to 40 years.
Zen FM station carries broadcast on the Internet, so you only need to visit our radio portal to listen unobtrusive background tracks. Listen to the radio Zen FM online you can without any registration for free. Enjoy good music, discover new tracks and new DJs. Have a nice day and positive emotions.

29.10.2022 Radio Zen FM — BE
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