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Music plays in the style of New-Year Lounge pop Quick Overview: The radio broadcasts Phare FM christian music and information programs in French. This Belgian radio wave live here sound modern pop music hits on Christian subjects. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Phare FM - a popular Belgian radio station in the French language. Founded in July 2008, in the Belgian region of Wallonia, in Mons. This is one of the first information and the Christian music radio stations broadcasting in French.
Here sounds only popular Christian music and information programs. Every morning from 6.00 to 9.00 you spend together with Vincent («Vincent La Matinale»), hereinafter referred to replace him will be aired Steven («Etienne Phare FM matin»), Yoann will accompany you at dinner time («Yoann Pause café - un zeste de fraîcheur »), and positive Christian music will pick David (« David Positive music «le meilleur de la musique chrétienne») and Samuel («Samuel Positive music« le meilleur de la musique chrétienne »).
Over the weekend, on radio a lot of music, which is only occasionally interrupted by one of the news programs. Weekend - a time to relax, guide habitats does not deprive his audience of this opportunity.

PHARE FM broadcast frequencies:
Mulhouse on 95,3 FM
Aux Portes du Dauphiné (East Grand Lyon) on 107,0 FM
96,6 FM Grenoble
Montauban 92,0 FM
Upper Normandy (LOUVETOT) on 94,9 FM
Haguenau (Alsace North) on 92,5 FM
Mons, Belgium
New: Since summer 2008 PHARE FM also broadcasts in Mons, Belgium

In the wake of Phare FM listen online, you'll be contemporary music pop hits on Christian themes, performed by young musicians. Perhaps they have not yet acquired the worldwide fame, but would still like they are infinitely talented and perform really well worth a listen to things that are interesting. Their music reveals the souls of men and their hearts, letting go love - love for God and his fellow man.

In order to listen to the radio Phare FM online you just need to visit our radioportal - This is one of the greatest resources in the CIS, which also leads only high-quality translation. Listen Phare FM and let your heart always love lives.

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