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Music plays in the style of Jazz Rock disco Quick Overview: On a wave Radio Antipode listen to the live broadcast from Brussels best retro hits 40s 50s 60s and 70s and contemporary singers, jazz, alternative rock, swing, vocal jazz, rock, disco and pop. Listen to your favorite retro music live on radio Antipode. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Antipode Brussels.
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Radio Antipode - is one of the "veterans" of the Belgian FM space. Listen Radio Antipode previously had the opportunity only in some regions of Belgium, but clicking on the webcast, it got hold of the love of the audience from all corners of the planet, although initially it was focused only on a small local audience.

  The radio station was established in 1985 Goerikom Timmermans and Steven Baffri. On the first day of the airing of it was information-music station. Despite the fact that almost thirty years of varied tenfold radio programs, logos, and drive, the broadcast format remained the same.

  On Radio Antipode online you will enjoy the music - the best retro hits that famous singers sang the late forties, fifties, sixties and seventies. In the playlist as you will be interested to hear the songs of contemporary musicians, performed in the style of jazz, swing, vocal jazz, rock, alternative rock, disco and pop.

  Every day from Monday to Friday, you will be working professional presenters who will give you a good mood and just good music. The most popular of these are: Bernard Guet​​, who leads the morning show, afternoon tea, you'll be spending with Benoit Toussaint and evening - in the company of Anne Marchand. From midnight to 6 am here in the non-stop sound quality of the composition of the best performers. Over the weekend, be sure to listen to the author's program of Stephen Haumbina - «Le Hit Franco», in which you will meet interesting new artists who sing in French. Also in the weekend do not miss it the "100% Nouveautes», «Best Of» and «Hit».

Listen to the radio online Antipode with us - big radio portal, always convenient and very easy. We work for free in order for you to have the opportunity to listen to good music. We work for you! Enjoy life and music with us.

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