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Music plays in the style of rnb dance Quick Overview: Radio Stad Antwerp in Belgium, and broadcasts live 107.8 popular music dance songs and hip-hop, RnB, Latino, dance from international performers in Europe and around the world. Listen to the radio Stad live online music sounds from the best performers of our planet. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Stad.
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Radio Stad - popular Belgian radio station. Her audience of listeners form young people whose age is 18-40 years. Listen Radio Stad - it means to keep up with the times and always be aware of the latest Hip-Hop music trends.
It has all the charm of this wave. In her live continuously in a non-stop sounds the most popular new music. Without interruption to a news release, entertainment, contests and announcements - just hits you.

On Radio Stad online broadcasting sound tracks of world-famous artists and songs of Belgian musicians. With their creativity, you will be able to meet air on Wednesday from 20.00 to 22.00 local time. On Friday, from midnight to 5.00 am you will spend with Radio Stad, listening «Forever Fanky». Special air time allotted for release exclusively club music - Saturday from 21.00 to 5.00 the next morning. Listen for you will work professional DJs DJ FRNK and DJ Rebel.

To listen to Radio Stad online, you do not need to pass any registrations or pay an additional fee, just visit our radio portal, and press the «Play». In your online speakers will sound new dance music and songs in the style of pop.
This wave is created for you if you are a modern, successful and energetic person. Music can shape your mood, so you need to listen to only the best and only in good quality.

Listen Radio Stad online in real time can now anyone who has access to the World Wide Web, because recently it finally passed on the regime an internet broadcast for free. Live music in the heart, spend every day together with the portal

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