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Music plays in the style of Blues Jazz Quick Overview: Belgian radio station VRT Radio 1 broadcasts live: blues on Monday, the best blues tunes - Tuesday, devoted to American artists - Wednesday, jazz - Thursday, folk songs on Friday and Saturday - world hits. Listen VRT Radio 1 broadcasts interesting closer to midnight. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
VRT Radio 1.
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Description VRT Radio 1

VRT Radio 1 - a Belgian radio, which is owned by Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT). Listen VRT Radio 1 will be people who are interested in political and economic situation in Belgium, because the station does not focus on the world and on the local news. It has a non-interactive entertainment broadcasting format and information.

  On VRT Radio 1 online music sounds, selected with taste. In the afternoon you will be introduced to information programs, in which shall be held not just a dry presentation of news and discussion held between the leading or the leading and invited guests. Thus, the listener becomes almost a third party discussions and creates the effect of his presence in the studio.
After a busy day, like all ordinary people, in the wake of VRT Radio 1 comes time entertainment. The music here sounds and between programs, but still reign in the air station music starts around midnight. For each day of the week here set aside for a specific music: Monday - a day of blues, on Tuesday also sound the best blues music, Wednesday is dedicated to the American artist, Thursday - jazz, Friday - folk songs, and Saturday - world hits.
VRT1 Radio - 1043 Brussels Belgium

  On air VRT Radio 1 to hear online, you can not only modern composition of the above genres but also the classics, which recognized the world and which has passed through the decades.
After the station began broadcasting the World Wide Web, listen VRT Radio 1 online, you can now at any time of the day in real time, in spite of the great distance between the two countries. To do this, you only need to use the broadcasting of our site - the best online radio portal bestradio.fm Listen with us convenient and totally free.

VRT Radio 1
Country: Belgium
City: Brussels
Contact tel: + 32 2 741 31 November
Address: Auguste Reyerslaan 52
1043 Brussels Belgium

30.10.2022 VRT Radio 1 — BE
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Слушать VRT Radio 1 - на русском

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