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Music plays in the style of Jazz classic Quick Overview: Minerva radio broadcasts from Belgium Antwerpen offers retro and listen to popular music of 40's and 50's. Fashionable and prestigious hear is the sound of retro music of the forties and fifties. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Minerva.
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Radio Minerva - is one of the oldest stations in Belgium. It was founded in Antwerpen in 1982 and got its name from Minerva - the Roman goddess.
  Now listen to the radio Minerva at any corner of the planet, because now radio wave broadcasts on the Internet. Every day it listens for about 60 thousand. Officials.
It is noteworthy that there is a team consisting of mostly people who have already retired. It is not a coincidence, just as those who do not they know a lot about the music of the forties and fifties. The basis of the music content is jazz and classical music.

  Retro Music - radio Minerva.
So if you love retro music, you will love this radio. His music has passed the test of time and several generations, there is no reason to doubt its quality. This music has a rich history, which you will be able to touch when you listen to the radio online Minerva.
The most popular presenters at the station are: Michelle Folett, Charles van de Bosch, Maurice Dean Davy Brokaut, Marcel Vanhilt Joe Limans, Sven De Ridder and many others. They are dozens of interesting applications that are happy to listen not only to people "who have long been on ...", but today's youth. Today, listening to music, 40's and 50's fashionable and prestigious. These people has a good taste and know a lot about music.

  What on air radilstantsiyi.
Listen to a radio morning air, opens daily program «Goede morgen Antwerpen», then continue broadcasting «Music Maestro Please», «De Platenkast», «Music All In», «De Klankentapper», «De Blauwe Planeet» and others.

  Listen online radio Minerva, you can absolutely free with our speech - a popular resource and enjoy high-quality music. It sounds better with a better, tested longer a dozen years.

Contacts of radio station Minerva
Phone: (03)-219-17-27
Secretariat: (03)-219-60-30
Fax: (03)-219-71-36

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