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Music plays in the style of Jazz Quick Overview: Belgian radio RTBF La Premiere broadcasts classical music and jazz music. Listen and fall in love with romantic sound tracks. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
RTBF La Premiere.
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RTBF La Premiere - News Belgian radio, which broadcasts in French. Listen RTBF La Premiere in real time is now possible with the help of popular radio portal bestradio.fm.

Now you'll always be informed of developments in the world and directly, in Belgium. Aired radio traditionally divided into three periods. Depending on the time of day, radio information saturation increases or decreases. So, the evening news information becomes smaller, but listen to La Premiere online because it is no less interesting.

Who is leading and DJs on the airwaves La Premiere?
Leading conduct controversial debate and discuss controversial issues with guests programs.
Speakers at RTBF La Premiere cover almost all spheres of interest of every human life: economics, politics, art, literature, music, religion, history, philosophy, and many others.
Particularly popular Sunday show Jean-Paul Eka «Et dieu dans tout ça?», Which aired from 11.00 to 12.00. The program is very bright, he arranges a debate without any restrictions and taboos. It discusses any question and rises absolutely any topic. If you are interested in classical music, Nicolas Boanmo acquaint you with its history in his Sunday program, listen and enjoy.

What sounds on the radio station La Premiere?
From Monday to Friday, after a busy news day on the radio RTBF La Premiere listen online can be easy jazz music. Period from 21.00 to 22.00 - this time of rest and relaxation. Thereafter, the air waves are broadcast and replays the best moments of ether present day. A team of professional broadcasters and newsmen will be ready to work for you again as soon as next early morning.

Listen to radio La Premiere online with us - best site Bestradio - and you will never miss the most important news of the world economy, politics and culture.

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