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Music plays in the style of Rock Blues Quick Overview: Belgian RTBF Classic 21 radio station that broadcasts live songs and compositions in the style of rock and also a little bit of blues and popular songs.[left][/left] Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Classic 21 radio.
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RTBF Classic 21 - Belgian public radio station, which was founded in Brussels in 2004. Listen RTBF Classic 21 will be a great pleasure to true connoisseurs of rock.
It is noteworthy that at the time of its inception, it was the only wave in Belgium, where he played a real classic rock. Even the director of radio station Marc Ysaye spent Sunday morning with the audience to make its wave listening not only enjoyable, but also educational. The program «Les Classiques du dimanche matin» he told the air RTBF Classic 21 online on how to rock in its infancy and the history of its development period of the 60s - 80s.

Programs on radio wave Classic 21.
In ether wave comes around every ten programs that are experts in the field of rock music. Basically most of the classic rock track listings occupies, held the test of time, has been loved by many generations and has been recognized, the highest ranking of the charts. But it is worth noting that not remain without attention in the contemporary artists of this genre, as well as popular group.
  Rock and Blues music sounds in the air!
You might be surprised, but RTBF Classic 21 listen online, you can not just rock. No, there was not and will never pop or disco, but still late on Monday evening with Francis Delvaux you can enjoy other musical styles - blues. All the rest is paid only rock.
Wonderful mood and positive emotions you daily charge will be charged and other leading, Jean-Yves Louis, Eva Lambert Dolphin Ysaye, Christina Hur, Jacques de Perpo Eric Lafarge and many others.
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