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Music plays in the style of dance Quick Overview: MNM Hits Radio broadcasts live popular pop hits and dance songs performed by world-famous stars, artists who have achieved international recognition. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
MNM Hits radio live.
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Description MNM Hits radio live

MNM Hits - Belgian popular youth radio station that first aired in 1992. Until recently, time to listen to MNM Hits could only inhabitants of one region of Belgium - Flanders, but now moved to the wave mode and Internet broadcasting has become available all over the world.
Initially, the station was called Donna, and after re-branding in 2009, it changed its name to MNM. In the wake of MNM Hits listen to you the most popular genre of music - pop.

24 hours a day, the radio will work for you and will be available for listening with one of the best resources - online radio portal
Listen MNM Hits will be interesting to young people who know Dutch or Dutch. Broadcast radio broadcast a large number of interactive programs and entertainment shows, as well as morning and evening broadcast period sound the most interesting news from the world of cinema and show business.

Radio wave MNM Hits, you can not only listen to popular pop hits performed by world-famous stars. Feature of this wave lies in the fact that it opens up new talents Belgium and contributes to their advancement. Under a variety of programs, such as MNM Party: Mix & Match, MNM Urban 50, MNM Big Hits, MNM Dance 50 and MNM Party: Mix & Match, you can familiarize yourself with the choicest dance hits, as well as listen to the songs, artists who have made the world recognition.

Be always with us and listen to the latest compositions that sound from different regions of Europe live on one of the largest radio portals Good mood and positive emotions we promise you, because this will help us MNM Hits.
Listen online MNM Hits always nice and fun! Hum the melody of your favorite songs with us, wherever you now are!

30.10.2022 Radio MNM Hits Brussels — BE
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