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Music plays in the style of dance Quick Overview: In Belgium on Radio Energy songs sound the most famous performers of music scenes from around the world, you will hear best foreign dance music in Europe. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Energy Belgium.
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Belgian radio station NRJ (Energy) - one of the most popular and progressive in the country. It dictates the mood, introduces novelties of the music world, as well as a trendsetter for the music.
  NRJ - a whole multimedia group, which was founded in 1981 in Paris. Over time it has evolved into an international association. Since then, residents can listen to NRJ Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and many other countries.
Sound here is not only the best in the genre of pop hits from renowned musicians, but also showbiz news. Also airtime held interactive shows that charge their positive energy listeners.

Radio NRJ (Energy) from Belgium!
Listen Live every morning from 6 am to 9 am local time, you will be ready for work or study under the tracks selected leading Isa and Olivier Duroy. As many as five working days to while away an afternoon snack with you will be a terrific speaker Pascal, Marco will acquaint with the latest music news. Moreover, in the wake of NRJ you can listen to online hit parade, which is formed of the most popular and high-quality new products by voting audience.
DJs on the radio NRJ make music playlists so that between modern trendy novelties can seep hits that have stood the test of time, but, nevertheless, have not lost their popularity and we encourage them to listen. There's a lot of attention is paid to the Belgian bands and artists. Energy Belgium at the station lit new stars, which you can discover. Air sounds best foreign music from the most stellar performers music scenes from around the world.

Listen NRJ online directly from Belgium can now save you with the best radio portal in CIS - The very name of the radio - "Energy", talks about his mood and concept. Make up the volume and charges the musical energy.

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