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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Listen online and raise your mood and friends. Funny and funny, joyful and funny programs. Playful and cheerful, fervent and comical, hilarious, optimistic, jubilant. Plus, great music of world hits sounds for you on the air of the Minsk FM radio station Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Humor FM Minsk.
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The first exceptionally humorous FM radio station from Minsk. The main conductor in the world of humor and joy. Extremely funny and entertaining radio.
The leading FM station in Belarus gives laughter and fun to all listeners of the planet. Excellent jokes and jokes sound for you on FM radio.

Play the Best

A global selection of humor sounds for you. Listen on the air Humor FM:

1. CWN.
2. The Evening Quarter.
3. Evening Urgant.
4. Quartet I.
5. The Ural Pelmeni.

Round Broadcasting in such cities:

Minsk Humor on the frequency 93,7-FM
Humor Grodno - 89,9-FM
Vitebsky Humor - 96,2-FM
Mogilevsky Humor - 91,9-FM
Brest Humor - 87,5-FM
Humor of Gomel - 92,1-FM
Humor in Baranovichi - 97,0-FM
Soligorskiy Humor - 91,9-FM

Send SMS messages on the air Humor-FM radio:
SMS for 9370 (price including VAT)
Velcom - 1 ruble
Life - 1.65rub.
MTS - 1.04rub.

SMS for 2424 (price including VAT)
Velcom - 1.50rubl.
Life - 1.65rubl.
MTS - 1.56rub.
Listen radio Humor FM Minsk, Belarus
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Contact information Humor FM:
220113, Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Ul. East 131, area. 1, к.103 (1)
Director: Igor Grevtsov
Program Director: Ozhinskiy Alexander Borisovich
Sales services: Mikheeva Nadezhda Sergeevna
Tel. + 375-17-268-88-88

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Слухати Гумор ФМ Мінськ - українською
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