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Radio Brutto (Brutto - "brigade of the revolutionary fervor and creative resistance behalf Ornella Mutti") - a musical representation of the famous eponymous punk rock "Brutto" group. Brutto Group was established September 1, 2014 in his hometown of Minsk.
Who are we?
- "Brutto"
What do we want?
- What would be cool!

Play online Brutto

Listen Radio Brutto - great songs rock, punk and anarcho-punk compositions performed by the best rock and punk groups.
"We are for a free lifestyle - Brutto Radio - Fuck the rest"

The songs and groups that play on Radio brutto:

Non existent patricia - l7
Harry - Brutto
Orgasm Addict - Buzzcocks (Punk Rock, Pop punk)
One fine day - The Offspring
Adidas - Brutto
Twenty four hours - Joy Division (rock band)
Loser - Beck
American Psycho - Misfits
Giri - Brutto
Problems - Sex pistols
Living after midnight - Judas Priest
I get wet - Brutto
Warriors of Light - Brutto
Should i stay or should i go - The Clash
Fight for your right - Beastie Boys (rap-rock)
Dress for distress - Done Dying
Down by the water - pj Harvey
Charlie goes to Cambodia - The lillingtons
Black Hundred - Brutto
Disorder - - Joy Division
T.N.T - AC / DC
Run - Ignite
Gareza - Brutto
Balls to the wall - Accept

Radio Online "Brutto" Now listen to free live and good sound quality. The rotation is very good rock and punk-rock songs that will appeal to both fans of the group and rock listeners.

Radio Contact:
+380 (96) 028-19-31

19.06.2022 Radio Brutto — BY
Слухати Радіо Брутто - українською
Слушать Brutto radio - на русском

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