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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Listen to the radio online Grodno, live sounds of pop music, entertainment news programs (HiTUTra bearded Shaw, techno-guru, and others.). Grodno radio - listen to her! Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Grodno.
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Description Radio Grodno

Radio Grodno - Russian-language radio broadcasts from the Belarusian city of Grodno. In his broadcast broadcasts popular music and original interactive transmission.

"Radio Grodno" Belarus

Listen Radio Grodno on the 101.2 FM wave can be in the same city, but for those who want to listen to your favorite radio station in any other country, we recommend listening to the Internet broadcast that is broadcast online. News broadcasts will acquaint you with the incidents of the previous and upcoming events of the day and talk about world news. A leading voice in the morning you will be ginger and smiling to set the mood and tone of support throughout the day.

What programs and transmission are aired Grodno FM?
Listen to vote: HiTUTra; Music Box (from 13-00 to 14-00 and from 20-00 to 21-00); Shaker Maker; Bearded Shaw (My favorite heading "out of his mind"); International news; Sports Express; Techno-guru (technical innovations and features gadgets from professionals); Hi lunch (Congratulations to all the loved ones and friends from 13.00 to 14.00); Everyday life in your city (news in town); Direct music; Time romance; Jazz and blues; Transmission (All of the automotive market for motorists); In football (sports achievements in football); 50 shades of yellow (author transfer extreme egoist capable of leading change the world for the better - Dmitri A.); Quiet time; Movie tasteful (information on the previous announcements of world and Belarusian film studies); Rock Port (100% of rock music); Smart music (music from the frying Legeza genes); In a nutshell (a few words - everything about everything); I listen to anything (songs for the heart audiophile); Hit Parade (Subota 15-00); Trancelyatsiya (every Saturdays 23-00); European NON-STOP (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 23-00).

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TV and radio companies of Grodno is the owner of the radio station, and it is essential advertising space for all developing companies realize that "advertising engine of progress", the creation of advertising materials (text, music, backing tracks sound)
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Radio Grodno
Country: Belarus
City: Grodno
+375 152 43-83-10
Fax: 375 152 43-83-10
Advertisement: 375 152 43-65-88

01.11.2022 Radio Grodno - BY
Слухати Радіо Гродно - українською
Слушать Radio Grodno - на русском

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