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Music plays in the style of rnb pop dance Rock Quick Overview: Club music to listen live on the FM wave — UltRAdio will give you a great MegaDrive Dance music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio "UltRAdio" (Ultradio) - Internet radio project first implemented in 2015 in Minsk, Belarus. In his speech broadcast by gold and trendy dance composition, and current favorite advanced students.

"UltRAdio - Megadrive"

That sounds broadcast our radio station?
Just hit songs visitors who on hearing of drive most exclusive parties and (for dessert) new tracks recently appeared in the international Chatri and tops.

Radio broadcasts these musical styles: Dance, Club, RnB, Rockapops, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Rap. Do not be wordy, but to determine whether like our radio is simple - listen to some tracks and you will see radio suits you or not. Energetic tracks sound broadcast UltRAdio will satisfy lovers of dance music and make your body on a subconscious level dance the rhythm sound. By rotation of songs closely monitoring software and music editors, so often repeats are observed, and after a rigorous selection remain the essential basis only real gold hits. Proper selection of music content and favorable time intensity of human activity will perk up in the dark and feel active day.

Listen to "UltRAdio" Radio online, Minsk, Belarus.

Ultradio listen to a live broadcast of good quality and free of charge, you can use music radio service - Online Radio hear everything! For all the listeners appreciate a good dance club music listening recommend UltRadio.

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Слухати Ультрадіо - українською
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