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Music plays in the style of Rock dance pop Rap Blues Quick Overview: Music format radio wave Minsk constitute the best songs of 90's and the present, regardless of the release and genre specific. You can hear foreign and domestic pop songs, rock, blues mixed with modern dance rhythms, rap, R & B, etc. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Wave Minsk.
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Wave Minsk - Belarusian popular station , which originates in September 2004 . Its founder made ​​Minsk regional executive committee .
Listen to radio VHF radios with their metropolitan residents may FM- band at 97,4 FM. As their frequency station has in many cities across the country .

Music format station make the best songs 90s and the present, regardless of the output location and genre specificity . Here you can hear the foreign and domestic songs of pop , rock, blues , mixed with modern dance rhythms , Rep , R & B , etc. Such an abundance of styles and a wide span of time the output of songs will be a pleasant moment for the real music lovers who truly discounted quality music from different times and peoples.

Minsk ether waves .
Since music radio station sounds absolutely different genres , musical programs also play with different colors . Here there are more than ten : CF -hit , " Reshuffle », Fresh Hit, Fresh Hit, Beauty time, Transformers , " The Joy of Life ", " Bulba - hіt ", " Stardust" , username lunch "," is not over yet "and others.

 In addition to musical content , a lot of airtime takes information from the horse's mouth , as they say . Thanks to its own news service and a large staff of journalists in Minsk online radio wave enters the most recent and relevant news . Often one can also hear the direct inclusion of correspondents from the field , celebrity interviews and more , which can not always be found on competitors FM- band.

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02.11.2022 Radio Minsk Volna - BY
Слухати Мінська Хвиля - українською
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