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Music plays in the style of Rock Electro pop 2000 Quick Overview: Live radio Aplyus sounds and modern dance music hits. Also, sometimes the air waves, songs rock, pop, retro, hip-hop and others. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Aplus - the first internet radio of the Republic of Belarus, which first aired in 2004. Since then, it has gained immense popularity not only in his native country, but throughout the former Soviet Union.
 Aplus can listen online and free of charge, on our website radio resource BestRadio.fm, we have collected almost all the world's popular radio stations.
Musical content radio station Aplus — dance music and contemporary hits. Sometimes on the air waves with songs styles of rock, pop, retro, hip-hop and others.

 What it will sound in the air? The answer often depends on most students who can enjoy your favorite songs at the same time sending greetings to their loved ones, affect the ratings of various compositions, and, in fact, almost musical form ether.
 Besides music content, online for Aplus also has left and their own programs, as befits the usual fm-stations.

Best transmission @ plus: "Morning KofeOK","The Hunt for hit","Utopiya Zvuka by Transet", «The Way to Eden», [Chart TOP 20]"Nutyk Mus","zayavochku" and others.

About Aplus.
Every day we hear the voices of the beautiful presenters, reporters and DJs whose names simply can not mention. Especially for students from around the world are working guys: Bob cornflowers, Transet - DJ, Kostya Corn Dima Kubik, Julia Riot Vasil Podorozhnyi, Lera University, Annie B@@nditka Anna Podwiznaia, Vadim Kudelkin Anya Capricious, Dj SHUM, Ian Korneichik and others.

Listen radio Aplus online you can 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Air Station there is always something pleasant: whether it's a beautiful track or transfer - everyone will find something for themselves.

 Listen to popular Internet radio airplay and thousands of others along with us and have only pleasure is free and without registration. And remember: the world is very convenient and the maximum quality!

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Слухати Аплюс радіо - українською
Слушать Aplus - на русском

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