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Music plays in the style of 1990 Quick Overview: Radio Ringtones Century broadcasted popular tunes century USSR, music 90 Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Melodii Veka.
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Age Melodies - Belarusian music station broadcasting on the territory of Minsk and its region.
Listen to radio Ringtones century citizens can with their receivers speakers that adjust the frequency 96.2 MHz FM- Setting range.
As you might guess from the name of the station, its musical content ether given this hits century - the last century, in which we were born, grew and grew and grew on their feet potential audience. By the way, their founders station is defined as people over thirty years. Any specific genre direction here. In ether fall just popular tunes century USSR, 90, regardless of linguistic and geographical origin.

Looking to share music ether percentage here it takes about 60%.
But music is not all, for they love and listen to this station Minsk residents since September 2000 - that's when it first sounded the call sign in the FM-band.

 A lot of air time (about 20%) took the content. The greatest attention is given to the narrative of the life of his native city and the country, but also do not forget about the main events in neighboring countries and the world in general.

 Its rightful place as the air takes its entertainment segment. Here you can hear a dozen interactive, entertainment programs, to participate in various competitions, write a message or greeting to the studio and much more.

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Слухати Мелодії віку - українською
Слушать Melodii Veka - на русском

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