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Music plays in the style of pop dance Jazz Blues Rock Quick Overview: ONT radio in its genre palette music content broadcast to listeners latest songs in the style of pop, rock (most), jazz, blues, as well as more modern, such as dance, rap, etc. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio ONT.
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Description Radio ONT

Radio ONT - the first Belarusian radio for men. She began broadcasting in late November 2007.
Listen to radio ONT in the Belarusian capital, Minsk - you can use the radios by configuring them in the FM-band at a frequency of 101.7 MHz.
The concept of a young and progressive wave is to provide useful content your target audience - men older than 25 years. As the statistics station, almost 70% of students fall into this category.

 Music format radio station - Adult Contemporary, this means that the air waves dominated ONT carefully selected music hits that have passed the test of time, and the best songs of today. In the genre of musical palette filling is fashionable to listen to songs of pop, rock (most), jazz, blues, as well as more modern, such as dance, rap, etc.
However, despite the good musical direction, many Belarusians love ONT not because of it. Gained immense popularity station as news agency with its own staff journalists operational news feed, direct interventions from the field, etc.

 Information blocks are broadcast waves every 15 minutes, allowing the audience to be the first informed of all the most relevant news.

 In addition to musical content and informational nature, listen to the radio ONT nicely for his program authors. Thus, the air station continuously transmit sound very different directions, describing a variety of musical genres, their representatives, or just intended for well-tuned his listeners. The highest levels of ratings regularly recorded during the following programs: "The Pearl Collection", "Listen Posted", "Music Forever", "Daddy-Show", "Music Forever" and others

 Listen to radio online ONT free and without registration you can on our portal " Catch " ONT online with us and get only the pleasure of listening.

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