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Music plays in the style of news pop 1970-80 1980-90 1990 Quick Overview: Alpha radio broadcasts music in the air - the best hits of the past decades and are selected with maximum quality. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Alpha Radio.
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Alpha Radio — one of the most successful commercial radio stations in Belarus. Broadcasting leads to Minsk.
Alpha can listen to the radio at a frequency of 107, 9 FM in Minsk. In addition, the station has its frequency in Grodno (98,4 FM), Brest (100,8 FM) and Vitebsk (107,6 FM).
Type of broadcasting popular wave - musical information. Most of the ether, about 80 %, here takes the musical content, the remaining 20 % given to news programs and news releases.

 As for the music format that adheres to a combination of Alpha popular destinations in the world Hot Adult Contemporary and Contemporary Hit Radio. Music playing on the air waves, it is the "cream" of the best hits of today and the past decades, selected the maximum quality. Unlike many radio stations, where the musical to musical content in most affects the listener by voting here form the European Community, and not "uneducated" and unaware of new domestic trends. It is in any case should not be taken as an insult, and vice versa - is taught here that do not yet know at home, focusing on the best and most authoritative global ratings charts.

 Alpha wins Belarusian radio spaces under the slogan "The sound in your city" and fully corresponds to it. It's not just about the music filling the ether, which is a nice listen wherever you are and whatever not engaged. The second important feature of the station is its informative, because here the most current news sound cities in which it conducts its broadcasting, making the most savvy listeners to new changes in their places of residence.

 Alpha listen radio online easily for free and without registration you can on our website — easy-to-use portal
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Слухати Альфа Радіо - українською
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