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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: Radio station Radio Minsk broadcasts classic rock style of music. Here and domestic and foreign rock can also sound like a song Russian performers and popular artists worldwide. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Minsk.
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Radio Minsk - Belarusian popular wave, leading broadcasting directly from the capital.
 Minsk can listen to the radio in all major cities of the country : Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel and Brest. The initiator of this project was the Minsk city executive committee. First station call letters were made at the beginning of March 2004.
Format station - musical information with elements of entertainment.

 Musical style, which the local music producers give their preference is classic rock. In this case, the air does not make much of a difference between domestic and foreign rock : it may sound like a song Russian performers and popular artists in the world whose words are known by heart by millions of listeners.
 Information part of its broadcasts"Minsk"boasts not in vain, because here sound fresh and relevant material. First, the state has several waves of journalists, but the trump card - a direct access to local information service based main city, which we remembered as the founder of the radio station - Minsk city executive committee.

 Besides these, a popular Belarusian station also has left a lot of copyright entertainment content. We are talking about local programs, which also bring her good ratings. In particular, special attention should be the program:"I ​​love my city","women on the kind dream","Crazy Muesli », «Rock'n'Roll: Hall of Fame","Double Trouble","Family Album","Kinotrek","Transmission","doubles"and many others.

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04.11.2022 Radio Minsk - Belarus
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