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Music plays in the style of Rock Rock-n-roll 1990 2000 Quick Overview: Listen to rock music, modern and classic rock ballads. We are the first and only Belorussian speaking radio station. All the broadcast on the true "беларускай мове". Listen to beloved rock songs of Belarus on the air. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Stalica Minsk 105.1FM.
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The Belarusian radio station is a subdivision of the state Belteleradiocompany. She has been on air since 21.09.1998. Stalitsa is a modernized radio, which was created on the basis of the former Minsk Regional Belarusian Radio. The most popular frequency among listeners is 105.1 FM in Minsk. Also, you can listen to the radio online in real time using the Internet broadcast channel. All the programs and the broadcast by the radio broadcasters of the Stalica are exclusively in the Belarusian language.

Using a non-standard approach to the formation of music content - we like all listeners. We have music for both the ordinary listener and the advanced music lover. Western modern compositions and classical rock music complete with domestic songs. We are focused on rock music and modern melodies. We broadcast music from foreign and domestic artists. The main direction is the Belarusian rock style.
Слухай Любімае! - Stalica 105.1FM

Cities broadcasting radio Stalica:

  1. Minsk - 72.89 and 105.1 FM
  2. Brest - 72.47 FM
  3. Vitebsk - 72.26 FM
  4. Mogilev - 71.18 FM
  5. Grodno - 68.90 FM
  6. Gomel - 66.20 FM

Radio broadcasts Stalica:

  • "Cultural sphere" - (announcements and cultural events)
  • "Belarusian Ornament" - (All about Belarusian folk art, embroidery, weaving)
  • "Sport Express" - (information about the sports life of Belarus)
  • "Metropolitan Expedition" - (about the life of the Belarusian county)
  • "Know ours!" - (transfer to Belarusian modern rock music)
  • "Stalica of the TOP 10" - (best hits, TOP songs from the Internet)
  • "Metropolitan Navigator" - (for car enthusiasts, everything about cars, information and entertainment)
  • "Velvet Evening" - (retro music for the heart and soul)
  • "From the scene" - (about concerts and events of the music sphere)
  • "Step up to rock" - (all about rock music of Belarus, records and communication)
  • "Rock Lesson" - (Hard, heavy, thrash, punk, hardcore, indie, sympho, folk, grunge, art)
  • "Closer to the Stars" - (about the Belarusian culture, musicians and actors, artists and writers, sports stars)
  • "Step up to rock" - novelties of the Belarusian music-media.
  • "Three with mood" - the best music with positive information and entertainment
  • "Good morning, Stalica!" - morning informative program about life and music
  • "Good evening, Stalica!" - the most important musical news for the day, secular chronicles and entertainment.
  • "For those who do not sleep" - listen to gold hits and popular hot melodies, songs, 100% hits.
  • "Holiday every day" - interactive, communication with listeners, letters and SMS-messages with congratulations.

Thematic programs of the radio Stalica:

  • "During the day" - a business tour of the cities of our country. On the antiquities of wisdom and magic, freeze frames.
  • "Generation BY" - all about informal (parkour, bikes, graphiters, dancers) to listen on Wednesdays 11:30.
  • "About ROCK" - all about heavy rock on Tuesdays 21:15.
  • "Tour of Belarus" - about tourism, how and where to rest.
  • "Line of Fate" - guests in the studio will tell you about difficult fates and achievements with inner faith and diligence.
  • "The power of attraction" - about the love of the motherland. Hear about legends and stories of your native land.
  • "Light music" - songs and melodies from around the world, about culture and peoples, instruments and traditions of the peoples of the world.
  • "Retro collection" - the old kind and familiar songs, nostalgia and childhood music.
  • "Elixir of Health" - about health, recommendations and expert advice for defeating the negative mood and fatigue, listen to the radio on Saturday at 11:00.
  • "Designer" - information about fashion and trends, trends and exclusives. On Sundays at 11:00
  • "For one hundred percent" - all the hands the master will tell shortly how to make and improve.
  • "Well, a day!" - rest for all, games and entertainment, best music and jokes.
  • "The Metropolitan Guest" - all about life situations and finding the right way out in any scenario.
  • "Musical folk" - everyday curiosities and nezhdanchiki create a cheerful mood on Saturday at 21:00

Radio Stalica Minsk 105.1 FM
Listen to the radio "Stalica" online live, quality broadcast broadcast. - listen to your favorite radio without any problems! We are enthusiastic about our broadcasts and we remove spoiling by musical sound.

Contacts of radio station Stalica Minsk 105.1 FM
220807, Belarus
Minsk city
Krasnaya street, 4
Tel: (017) -284-37-89
SMS to the studio: 9705
Tel. Secretary: (017) -290-62-23
Advertising. Service: (017) -389-60-78
Tel: Information programs department:
(017) -284-85-55, (017) -284-48-86
Phone: Department of Music. Programs:
(017) -284-45-22; Email:

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