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Quick Overview: Listen to the radio songs Syabrov. Folklore and pop song songs performed by the famous vocal and instrumental ensemble - SYABRA. Balsam for every Belarusian and resident of the former CIS and the USSR. Folk motives and beautiful voices for pleasant listening in the performance of the honored collective of the Republic of Belarus. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Syabry.
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On the radio, all the songs are created by a team of the world-famous music-vocal collective Syabry. On the air of the radio station, songs written, performed by this famous folk-pop band, sound. All the music and songs of the band created over the past 40 years. Vocal and technical performing skills of the collective made his work recognizable and dear to the heart and soul of many listeners. All musical creations sound round the clock 24/7 without ending and beginning, thus creating an eternal musical folklore song flow. Plunged into their musical creativity, I want to listen and listen, enjoying every word and every note. Remembering these wonderful times of the peak of the ensemble's popularity. Music and Songs known for more than 40 years and became the legendary Belarusian ensemble Syabry.

Participants of the ensemble "Syabry":

  1. Anatol Yarmolenko - Honored People's Artist, owner and artist of the ensemble + soloist.
  2. Alesya Yarmolenko is a soloist.
  3. Nikolay Satsura - composer, music-man, keyboardist + vocals.
  4. Arthur Tsomaya - drummers and vocals + gene-prod. Ensemble.
  5. Svyatoslav Yarmolenko - soloist and guitarist (bass + acoustics).
  6. Sergei Gerasimov - guitarist, violinist.
  7. Alexander Kamlyuk - guitarist, soloist.
  8. Valery Padukov is a bass player.
  9. Andrew Eliashkevich - Sound producer of the ensemble.

The most famous songs of the group "Syabry":

  • Alesya
  • Bialowieza Forest
  • Belarus
  • Glucharina dawn
  • To walk so to walk!
  • Woman in red
  • Zavalinka
  • Hello friend!
  • Krinichenka
  • Lie on the fly
  • Officer's honor
  • We'll survive
  • Stoves - benches
  • Polish polish
  • Inn
  • Birds my birds
  • In krenitsa
  • Smile
  • There is a girl walking around the field
  • Six-string guitar

Listen Syabry online on the radio live. Excellent quality of broadcast mp3 stream - 128 Kbps, all creativity Syabrov in the round-the-clock music stream.

Contacts radio station Syabry
Phone: + 37-529-684-80-40

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