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Music plays in the style of House disco dnb news Quick Overview: Modern songs of Belarusian performers. The melodies of foreign bands sound on the wave of Brest radio. Various programs and competitions, a lot of interactive games. Send greetings and congratulations, listen to forecasts and horoscopes, entertaining radio headings in the live broadcast of the Belarusian Radio. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Brest.
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The National State Belarusian Broadcasting Company - Radio Brest. The creation of radio was the decision of the Brest regional council of deputies and workers. The editorial board of the radio broadcasting under the Brest Regional Executive Committee was reorganized. In 12.06.1961 the first time aired, an updated and reorganized radio station TRK-BREST. To date, the television and radio company is the leading media sphere in the Brest region. Listen to Radio Brest online - get information about events and music content (songs, melodies, music) in the performance of foreign and domestic performers. For residents of the Brest region, always up-to-date and exclusive information about what is happening in the region. Experienced and creative hosts and employees of the radio station, with maximum dedication, professionalize the introduction of technological innovations to improve TRK-Brest.

Programs on the radio BREST:

  • Morning show "Just Fili" at 07:00 SMS at 9900 (1.14 BYR per message) studio live broadcast: 80162203-200, 8016221-15-18
  • PartyFon (21-00 - Sat, Sun.) Modern electronic music on the air - Trans, House, DNB, Disco, EuroPop.
  • AutoNews (17-10 - Mon-Fri.)
  • Horoscope from the star (07-20 Mon-Fri.)
  • Day shift with Kudritsky D. (12-00 Mon-Fri.)
  • Drive-time show "Autopati" with Tatiana Romanova (16-00 Mon-Fri.)
  • Golden corn (07-35 mon-fri.)
  • The game "Yes, okay!" (08-35 Mon-Fri)
  • Game "Two counters"
  • Game "Culinary Beau monde"
  • Game "Controversial issue"
  • Playing 3 words
  • Efficiency (Calendar of pleasant dates)
  • Muz-rub. - Radio probe
  • Music Diary: Rock and Roll
  • Popular music (daily from 15-00 to 16-00)
  • Authority
  • Conditions on the roads
  • Rules of Motion
  • Hello to the cabriolet
  • As easy as pie
  • Mass production
  • Chamber of Accounts
  • Modern and world hits (from Fri to Sat 0: 00-11: 00)
  • Modern hits
  • Photo-game "Self-Boom"
  • An hour of greetings and congratulations

Radio frequencies BREST:

  • Pinsk 94,6 FM
  • Stolin 102,5 FM
  • Pruzhany 105.6 FM
  • Drogichin 104,2 FM
  • Baranovichi 101.1 FM
  • In the city of Brest 104.8 FM

Listen to the Brest radio live from Belarus. Premium sound quality is available for your listening thanks to round the clock broadcast of online radio. The world of radio broadcasts on the Internet.
Radio Brest Belarus
Contacts of the Brest radio station:
Country: Belarus
Kuibyshev Street 64, City Brest,
Fax: 8 (0162) 2035-45
tel .: (+375162) 213138
main radio station: +3 (75162) 216007

31.10.2022 Radio Brest 104.8 FM — BY
Слухати Брест радіо 104.8 ФМ - українською
Слушать Radio Brest - на русском

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